Engine rebuilds

It would be beneficial if you read the ‘What makes PRD Differant?’ before proceeding further.

Every engine is tailored to your specific requirements, Pr-Developments wouldn’t want you to pay for something that you didn’t need, therefore there isn’t a standardised price for a rebuild. 

However as examples that don’t require additional parts

8 valve. Either 1.6 or 1.9  £1700

16 valve. Mi16/S16/GTi6 £1850

PRD provides engine rebuilding services in stages, giving many benefits

  • There is no time limit
  • There is no cutting corners to keep within a quote
  • There is nothing overlooked due to pressures
  • There are no large unexpected bills.
  • You are in control of how the build proceeds.
  • I get paid correctly and you get what you want!


     Stage 1 – Dismantle and inspect the engine.

This is the most important stage as it will give us an accurate overview of the processes needed and identifies any damaged, worn or missing parts.

Fixed price £175

     Stage 2 – The necessary machining and cleaning is carried out and parts are sourced.

      This stage ensures everything is correct and within tolerance before assembly and parts are available.

Machining 8v £600+/16v £800+

Exterior clean up £80

Aquablast £50+

Powder coating £50+

     Stage 3 – Purchase all necessary parts/upgrades.

     Each engine requires different parts and they will be sourced whilst machining is taking place.

     Stage 4 – Reassemble the engine


With all work done by PRD photos are taken of all stages and shared with the customer before proceeding to the next stage.

If I feel there is a risk that will jeopardise a process I will not proceed further.

Due to age, condition and unknown history of an engine the processes below are mandatory.

  • Crankshaft is ground and balanced (Flywheel and pulley)
  • All valve guides are replaced or reworked (K-line)
  • Cylinder head is skimmed and pressure tested.
  • Engine is acid dipped.

All engines come with their own data sheet and date stamped certificate including information such as tolerances, measurements, cam timing, parts used or replaced.

In order to keep things consistent, manageable and fair for all parties each stage must be paid for before progressing to the next. This protects both myself and you from any unexpected job losses, illnesses and lockdowns.

Some machining may be undertaken out of house, using the most trusted machine shop.  PRD doesn’t receive any commission or benefits for this work, therefore you will need to arrange payment to the machine shop directly.

Parts and products are also the same scenario – PRD does not receive any commission or benefits for parts or products. I have many suppliers which I will connect you with for the best possible service and prices, but I will only accept quality parts that are known to be reliable.

Taking the staged approach has worked well over the last 20 years. It makes it very clear of the work necessary before things get out of control. There is no ‘drop engine off’ and then receive an unexpected bill. Both yourself and I are in total control. Once a stage has been completed and paid for you may terminate whenever you like. You will remain responsible for collection of any goods.

Engines rebuilt and fitted by PRD will have 5 years workmanship warranty providing after-care instructions are adhered to. If you wish to fit the engine yourself it will be covered by a 12 month workmanship warranty which can be extended if PRD provides the servicing.