Who is Pr-Developments?

I’m Martin Thompson and running Peugeot Racing Developments means I am fortunate to spend my working days doing something I love. Since 1997 I have owned, driven and worked on Peugeots’, mostly the 205. 24 years later I still feel the 205 is the best hot-hatch ever produced.

Raised in an enthusiastic and creative family with ties in motorsport and engineering, my childhood involved lots of Lego Technic, Meccano and generally spending time with my dad fixing things. Since I was knee high to a grasshopper, it was very clear I had an ability for problem solving, this progressed into RC racing which I did for many years, I learnt about how things work and how little changes can make big differences. This was then complimented by attending motorsport events with my cousin Hamish and the MG and later with my brother supporting his bosses Holden Commodore race series.

I have broad engineering and manufacturing skills. Starting off in heavy engineering, building, machining and fabricating roller shutter doors for companies such as British Aerospace. I then extended my skills into mechanical processes such as agricultural machinery as a workshop fitter, breakdown and servicing.

Due to my mechanical mind I am extremely hands on, I allow my hands to do the talking. Reading books from other peoples experiences and knowledge isn’t my forte. Through doing I have learnt and am still learning many new skills. My motivation is to learn as much as I can and incorporate it into my work. I tend not to keep to the old and trusted other than when it really matters and I am not afraid of stepping out and trying something new.

I’m well known for my unorthodox approach to engineering challenges. I like to think outside the box and seek a variety of solutions rather than to be fixed on one approach.

I have no interest in keeping up with the Jones’ or increasing my status quo. More important to me is making my own path and spending time helping fellow Peugeot enthusiasts achieve their vision.

Martin Thompson (2021)