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General Terms and Conditions


Terms and conditions are in place to provide transparency regarding the operating ways of PRD. This is also to protect All parties from any foul play, safety/security risks and to ensure mistakes or misunderstanding can be avoided that could lead to loss of life, time, reputation or financial lose.

 Please raise any concerns you have before works commence, or when it happens; leaving it to late can, and will result in mistakes being made. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions outlined may invalidate your warranty and may mean PRD is unable to complete works requested.

If there are any changes to T&Cs you will be notified before further work commences. Work will only commence when general terms and conditions are agreed to otherwise any vehicle entering the property or services started, will be treated under these terms as default, it is your responsible to enquire, ask, or find out about companies terms and conditions before asking for works to commence.


We ask that you read and understand the following points:


1A. Before work is carried out you must be clear of services required in writing, adding additional services other than those advised by PRD will not be taken into consideration unless it is for safety matters or prevent agreed work from being completed.

 2A. Any vehicle stored outside is at the customers risk, unless stated in writing from PRD.

3A. The workshop address is not in the public domain to maintain security and safety, please do not disclose the address to others without prior agreement and never on social media or other web based platforms.

4A. All visits are strictly by appointment due to sensitive ongoing projects. Only a maximum of two people at a time.

5A. Entry into the workshop is at your own risk, please be aware that this is a busy working area with many hazards.

6A. PRD is available for contact from 9am to 5pm, if you need to contact us, the best channel is via WhatsApp, for any complex and lengthy requirements please call and then confirm via writing. PRD will accept calls up to 6pm.

7A. PRD will make any holiday periods during scheduled work clear, if you are due on holiday during the working period that may affect payment or impede contact, you must make PRD aware.

8A. If you do not respond to contact within a period of 72hrs, works will cease and the vehicle will be removed outside or put into local storage that is directly chargeable by the customer.

9A. PRD takes and shares photos and videos of all works that show you each step and any problems encountered, these are shared via WhatsApp and PRD hold the right to retain any videos and photos for future reference or evidence.

10A. As we are part of a multimedia world we like to share photos and films of works across social media channels, personal details will not be shared, if you do not wish your work to be shared please make this clear before work commences.

11A. Any third party repairs or investigations will invalidate the vehicle warranty unless prior agreement has been sought in writing from PRD.


Bookings process


During booking you must clearly state in writing (WhatsApp or Email) the works that you require. Please do not add jobs required while work is in progress unless recommended by PRD that correction is needed. Small jobs may be considered – please do ask, don’t expect.

 Calendar bookings are not possible due to the nature of the works carried out by the business and the reliance of parts suppliers and other subcontractor availability.

Due to the nature of works, PRD does not work to set deadlines due to so many variables out of our control, such as third party and sub-contractor delays, holidays,  sickness or Lock downs, if you have a set deadline for works to be completed then, please contact us to see if it is plausible first.

Bookings are managed via a list system; when works are agreed you will be given an approximate time for that works are expected to begin, this can change due to delays/cancellations to works on other vehicles or other unexpected circumstances.

You will be given prior notice of when your vehicle is due to come into the workshop, you will need to bring you’re vehicle to the workshop within 3 days of the date we have agreed to.

You are responsible for your own transportation arrangement and cost. PRD can help with local recommendations however do not take any responsibility for any issues with transportation.


Invoice and payment.

We ask that you read and understand the following points:

1B. The labour charge will be £60PH

2B. There is no contract with works/projects other than the current invoice, this means you may cancel further works given 5 days notice, providing invoices to date have been paid in full.

3B. Invoices are raised every Friday to allow you to retain financial control of the project and to ensure that PRD operations keep running smoothly.

4B. Payment must be made by bank transfer, cash, or card payments whether it’s by phone/in person. If you need to dispute the invoice or have any other issues you must alert PRD of this within 24 hours from receipt of the invoice.

5B. Invoices must be paid within 72 hours otherwise no further work will take place, only bank holidays is this term void, so next working day is asked

6B. In case of non-payment of invoice, PRD reserves the right to hold the vehicle and any parts unpaid until payment for works undertaken is received in full.

7B. Invoices that remain unpaid for over 7 days will incur a fixed charge of £100 unless agreement has been made in writing due to exceptional circumstances.

8B. In case of the delays of payment over 7 days your vehicle will be removed from the workshop and placed in local storage so that other scheduled projects can commence. This will incur further charges for transport, insurance and storage costs.

9B. Outright products/parts order and not paid for within 72hours, these may be sold in order to rekindle costs accrued to PRD.

10B. Under similar circumstances, parts sold attached to vehicles, may be removed from vehicle and also sold.


Complaints procedure


PRD takes complaints very seriously, due to being a small business that thrives on customer satisfaction. Open, honest and respectful communication allows any possible issues to be raised at the earliest opportunity giving chance to rectify or explain. It is our aim that as a customer you are happy with the works carried out and become a long-term customer over the life of your vehicle.

If you are not happy with any services, products, customer services or terms provided, please raise issues as soon as they become apparent directly to PRD in writing/email.

Please allow PRD 48hours to explain or rectify any issues as appropriate, this process with continue until both parties agree or action via court is actioned.

Any threatening, passive aggression, manipulation, narcissistic or any other toxic behaviour on-line, over the phone or in person will not be tolerated, and will cease the working arrangement or warranty in place, if you’re on PRD premises you will be asked to leave, failing to do so the police will be called leading to possible legal action taken against you.

The spreading of misinformation or other inaccurate comments across social media or other web-based platforms before or while in the complaints procedure will be treated very seriously with court action pursued for any damages to reputation incurred.

All communications whether email, on-line or by phone call is recorded and will be used when necessary to provide evidence against any false claims, whether it’s on-line, email or court.


Collection of vehicles


If your vehicle is now ready to collect, we want to ensure that you are satisfied with the presentation of the vehicle, aware of your obligations, and give PRD opportunity to rectify or explain any areas that you have concerns or are unsure about.


We ask that you read and agree to the following points.

1C. I have checked and had opportunity to test drive the vehicle and I am satisfied with the condition that has been presented.

 2C. I have understood if test drive isn’t available (No MOT or unfinished works) or if the vehicle isn’t in a fit state to be tested (Damaged, non working, not tuned), PRD can not guarantee safety or be left liable for any damaged caused to vehicle/engine or people harmed.

3C. I have been updated with works completed and any areas that need particular attention.

4C. I have checked oil and coolant levels and tyre pressures and am aware that it is my responsibility to check these after each journey.

5C. I am aware of the standard dashboard warning signals and know what action to take if these show, If any evidence of abuse, poor maintenance or failing to recognise dangers, warranty will be void I am aware that the first 500 miles is the most important period for any vehicle or engine under gone serious works and that at any time except new or second hand parts can fail regardless of the quality, cost and age.

6C. I am aware that I must return the vehicle after an engine rebuild for its first service at approximately 500 miles, to retain the validity of the warranty, If this is not possible, third party arrangements can be made in conjunction with PRD.

6C. I have been advised to have breakdown cover in place and that the vehicle must not be driven if any problems arise.


Sign off and running in procedures


 Sign off is simply to confirm that PRD is happy with current work has been completed to our satisfactory standard and is a sign of good working practise, PRD will not sign if any terms or conditions have not been followed correctly and/or work is incomplete due to dispute, customer ending work prematurely or where testing isn’t possible.

If the engine requires mapping/tuning, then it must be done by our trusted and chosen Tuning company, if you have a preferred or dislike of our chosen company or location, given PRD notice, we will certainly consider changing it.

If the vehicle is moved/returned for any reason before mapping has taken place, warranty will be become void if engine is started or vehicle driven, we remain the right to disable the engine if necessary, when the trust with the customer, terms and conditions, disputes or complaints are in process/breached



Warranty on engines ran in by PRD is 40k miles or 5 years, service must be carried out by PRD or a trusted third party, appointed by us.

Warranty if ran in by yourself, but serviced by PRD is 30k or 5 years

Warranty if ran by yourself and serviced by third party 15k miles or 5 years, (you must use OEM oil filter, correct oil grade and brand appointed by us)


Service Intervals

First 500 miles (engine flush, oil and filter)

700 miles (oil and filter)

5000 (oil, oil and air filter)

Intervals of 10000 miles (oil, filters and spark plugs)


You are responsible to check for oil and coolant levels, fluid leaks before and after use. If you require any help to ensure this is done correctly then please ask.


Rebuilt engines will be using special running in oil, this isn’t technically the same as standard oil so it’s the utmost importance the following procedures are adhered too.

The running in procedure applies to the first 500 miles, following this protects against any issues and will retain validity of your warranty. This is our way to optimise and increase the longevity/performance of the engine/vehicle and your driving experiences.

PRD will not be held ACCOUNTABLE for any damage incurred due to failure to adhere to the running in procedure or terms and conditions breached, Please ask if you require further explanation or help.

If you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed with this process then we are more than happy to provide this service, we encourage it.


We ask that you read and understand the following points:


1D. To provide the optimum running in conditions, the engine must go through several heat cycles. The engine should be run for approximately 30 mins at a time, slowly increasing running time by 30 mins with each cycle and allowing 24 hours cool down in-between runs. This heat cycle is basically an hardening process of necessary materials

2D. The revs must be kept under 4000 rpm, do not leave the vehicle idling, unattended and avoid heavy traffic and peak times. Heavy acceleration and deceleration is recommended within this rev limit.

3D. We recommend using the vehicle in your local area only, until you gain confidence before undertaking longer journeys. If there are any unusual sounds, smells, vibrations, performance issues or warning lights, stop the vehicle immediately and do not restart until you have contacted PRD for advice, if we can not be reached you must recover the vehicle either directly to us or your home.

4D. If the vehicle needs to be looked over by PRD it is your responsibility to return it to the workshop, we can and will assist if necessary. 

5D. Under no circumstances must the vehicle/engine be tampered, modified, serviced or removed by any third party, whether its your self, local garage or breakdown services, unless given permission from PRD FIRST, this is to protect PRD from any foul play.

6D. Any failure of parts is likely to require replacement under supplier warranty. Procedures will be different for each supplier. Please note that in some circumstances payment for parts may need to be made whilst waiting for confirmation of warranty cover, however, replacements will usually be done within warranty.

7D. Any parts supplied by you will remain your responsibility to liaise with the supplier for claims. If there are any issues with this PRD will support where possible.

8D. Any failure of parts or services due to poor workmanship will be replaced in full.


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