How is Pr-Developments different?

My aim is to keep Pr-Developments as a small family run business, with a focus to build a brand that is stable and trusted, not to build an empire. Stability can only create a happier atmosphere and better workmanship. I certainly don’t like chasing dangling carrots when I’ve already got my carrot,  the privilege to be working on old school motors.

As a single working individual, progression is about learning more skills and widening the selection of services for the customer. I like seeing customers excited, it proves I’m doing my job right!

PRD’s work is skill focussed, hands on and with old school engineering disciplines. I don’t stock bolt on after market products, therefore no sales pitch. I have no desire to benefit from selling/pushing products onto the customer that they do not require. 

Not stocking products has many benefits;  information is impartial, more time is spent working on the job at hand and I’m always available for the customer seven days a week. Furthermore due to the reduced turnover there is no added VAT. To keep things running efficiently I do stock serviceable parts and common items whether second-hand or new.

 Large projects

PRD has two work bays dedicated to large projects, such as restorations, motorsport preparation, rear engine conversions and custom chassis builds. These bays work slightly differently to the standard bays, there is no time limit, other than a minimum payment of £750pcm for labour. These bays remain available until the job is done. Projects that are 8 months or more benefit from one month of rest, this can be used at any time as a breathing space for when a customer needs it most.

These bays are also commercially available for other sub contracted projects such as companies that struggle to finish, require services they don’t provide or deal with. Companies such as media industries, motorsport or charity promotions can be rest assured Pr-Developments will provide absolute confidentiality of such services with privacy being of the uppermost importance.