Mi16 Exhaust Manifold

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Mi16 Exhaust Manifold for the 205 and 309 Gti

The re-angled Mi16 exhaust manifold has been developed to maximise clearance and solve the usual problem of fouling on the bulkhead, and is intended for use with the fitment of the alloy block Mi16 in the Peugeot 205 and 309 GTi. It is a very effective way to mount the exhaust system and avoids having to sledgehammer the bulkhead, which might contribute to splitting of the seams between panels.

An alternative solution to the manifold fouling the bulkhead is to re-angle the engine. This allows the exhaust manifold to clear the bulkhead, and can be achieved by increasing the length of the lower engine mount. Doing so causes more clearance problems for the radiator, drive-shafts and can lead to oil starvation on trackdays or under hard driving conditions.

This offers a cost-effective alternative to commercially manufactured free-flow steel conversion manifolds which can cost several hundred pounds.

So does changing the manifold layout reduce power or weaken the part, and is it expensive or difficult to install?

Our method of reinforcing the manifold has noticeably reduced cracking when compared to Peugeot’s standard item.

And there is nothing to indicate that re-angled manifolds reduce the power output of the MI16.

Naturally this custom product undergoes the usual rigorous quality checks and is simple to install.

Condition of sale: To undertake this service I will require your existing exhaust manifold. My turn-around is normally 7 working days. If for any reason you are unable to find your own manifold or need an urgent service please contact me and I will be happy to help.