Customers' Cars

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Paul’s car came to us early in 2006 and started as a 1.6 Gti set up for rallying. The car was in a sad state: the engine was very tired, noisy and under-powered. Paul asked us what could be done to improve the performance, so he could further enjoy doing track-days.

Within his budget we fully rebuilt an Mi16 engine, and installed it into his 205 Gti using our own products (loom, inlet and exhaust). The suspension was further modified with 309 items including coil-over kit and big brake conversion.

Today, it’s a 220bhp track-day missile, running Pace dry sump, throttle bodies, competition cams, and has polycarbonate windows, custom dash and Satchel shift. 


Dave came to us in 2006 with his Ecosse show car. We had quite a few surprises along the way with this Mi16 Conversion. We installed a rebuilt Mi16 engine and twin Weber carburettors. The rear beam had seized and was replaced with a reconditioned 309 item. The front subframe had been broken and was replaced, and shocks and 309 wishbones/driveshafts were added.

Sally came to us in late 2007. She had just purchased her 1.9 Gti and was looking for more power to enjoy on the road. This was a full Mi16 re-build using our products, together with big brake kit and a couple of repairs, including central locking and electric windows.

Xavier came to us after purchasing the nitrous kit from our track car. We had to initially decline the service due to the apparently dangerous installation of the converted Mi16, including a dubious wiring job comprising common household wiring twisted together and covered in brown parcel tape. Over 12 meters of redundant wiring was removed. Fuel lines were changed as a strong smell of fuel suggested a leak, and the worn out air-flow meter had to be re-tracked. These measures solved a host of running problems, such as the huge flat-spot. We set the car up on the rollers to assess the condition of the engine and then installed the “WET” direct port Wizard of Nos nitrous kit, which granted the car over 220 bhp.

Johnny’s Cars There are too many projects over the last 15 years to mention here, ranging from engine rebuilds to total car restoration, track preparation and on-going track-day assistance. Notably, we have worked on the factory TT Dimma, 205 road-going CTi and two other track cars: the 2.0 turbo and the NA Mi16 track Dimma.