Engine Builds


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Blueprinting an engine requires a lot of patience, an eye for detail and a massive amount of time. In order to build to the exact original specification, considerable effort is needed to source the components. Each connecting rod, spring, valve, piston, ring and wrist pin must match in weight, size, material and manufacture. It’s a painstaking process that can take several months!

There are narrow thresholds for size-matching: chamber volumes within the cylinder head must be uniform, and valve and guide clearances precisely machined. Similar care must be taken with crank journals, piston to deck height, and valve lift.  

The rotating assemblies, such as crank, rods, pistons & rings, wrist pins, flywheel, clutch plate, big end bearings, bolts and lower pulley must be dynamically balanced.

The first process is to dry-build the engine, which generates further data and allows more refinement.

The term ‘tolerance’ understates the level of precision demanded: measurements to the nearest .1 of a gram, or within a thousand of an inch are involved! Blueprinting can take up to 200 hours as a result.

A rebuild can be surprisingly straightforward, in spite of all this. After disassembling with care – taking note of each component’s condition – parts are cleaned, and measurements and tolerance readings are taken, and reused if within manufacturer’s recommendation. The engine is then reassembled, and fitted with new bearings, rings, gaskets and seals, together with re-honed bores.

What makes a successful rebuild is time investment, close attention to detail, and the use of high quality components.

All pr-Developments’ work is individually tailored and costed in advance. I’ll also send photo-updates so you can check on the progress of the work.

Track-engine builds are similar to the standard rebuild, but involve pre-defined tolerances. Cylinder-head chambers, piston-to-deck height and valve springs must be matched, and all assemblies are balanced dynamically.

Up–rated parts (connecting rod bolts, head gaskets, bearings or rods, for example) can be used on request. PR-Developments can advise on all appropriate oil starvation products or tell you if your engine’s specification is not suited to the application.