About PRD


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Peugeot racing Developments  specialises in custom builds and bespoke products for track and road.

Launched in 2004, PrD has consistently developed imaginative and high-quality solutions to enhance the 205 and 309 GTi with the Mi16 engine. Pr-Developmentsreputation grew as a result of public interest in my project cars, and wider public interest in custom engine conversions. Along the way, I have re-engineered and developed Mi16 manifolds, oil pumps, looms, and have undertaken an extensive range of custom engine conversions.

Personalised service: from track car to road car, I can help put your vision into reality.

Quality is a priority: my passion for Peugeot translates into careful attention to detail in all processes.

Innovative designs: many of my solutions are the fruits of personal experience.

Cost-effective solutions: I offer alternatives to conventional conversion methods and products, at low cost and with improved performance.

Over 15 years of Peugeot experience: all services undertaken by a qualified engineer and machinist.

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